Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson is a MMA fighter — and hardcore gamer

(CNN) — Demetrious Johnson is well known for his quick hands in the ring, however as soon as the gloves come off his palms are pretty nimble also.
“Mighty Mouse”Johnson left UFC for ONE Championship in 2018 and as an element of his move became the surface of their newest esports venture.
The UFC flyweight winner has had a endorsement and is a Twitch streamer, a hardcore gamer.
“Esports as a whole has come on leaps and bounds from when it first started,” Johnson told CNN Sport’s Patrick Snell.
“At the start, people were like’no one’s going to see somebody else play video games. It is absolutely absurd. I am not likely to get it done .’
“But now you’ve got companies such as Twitch and Mixer that are generating so much earnings with advertising revenue from such awesome streamer personalities.
“A lot of Some Championship’s fans are millennials and millennials love gambling. I like gaming so I was just like’yeah I completely support this.'”
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A new Sector
While 1 Championship has come to be the”largest global sports media property in history,” they’ve been able to move that dominance into the rest of the planet.
After returning to this iconic Ry??goku Kokugikan in Tokyo in October for their 100th live event, One Championship is looking to penetrate the North America market.
The business has signed a broadcast agreement with TNT, which means although programs are set up for a show in New York to get 2020, some of their shows are streamed on B/R Live.
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“There is the north American promotion, that’s that the UFC, and that’s the king of this hill,” Johnson explained.
“Then you have the side, which is One Championship, that’s the king of the hill there.
“One Championship are more focused on telling tales. It is the house of martial arts.
“It does not just celebrate mixed martial arts, but also enrolls Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Summit Wrestling plus they’ve also had a boxing game.”