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Hard Rock is in a fucking horrible spot right now while its fusing with EDM. It makes Shadows sound like Old Man River with the dad rock shit attitude the past few years. Like dude, you not that old and there guys that are 20 years older than you that are putting out heavier shit.

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Buchwald soared to the heights of Washington’s A list social scene in the 1960s, a cigar puffing, sharp witted icon renowned for skewering the posh, pompous and powerful. At his peak, his humor column for The Washington Post was syndicated in more than 500 newspapers. He was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for commentary in 1982; in the years that followed, Buchwald continued to write prolifically about politics and culture, his own grueling bouts with severe clinical depression and toward the very end his views on mortality and the meaning of life..

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And I don’t think all US media is rubbish; I still find the New York Times to be a fairly reputable source. People (people being the US, the media, whatever) are so eager to pinpoint blame on just about anything they can make a connection with when it comes to stuff like teen pregnancy. Instead of on the fact that they don’t teach you how not to get pregnancy (besides abstinence) in school.

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(For the record, I believe that the latter cases were all

is trump’s rhetoric about an informant in his campaign warranted

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[15][Note 3] BuAer’s LT CDR A

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Destiny emphasizes the idea of an unalterable course of events, and is often used of a propitious fortune: It was his destiny to save his nation. Doom especially applies to the final ending, always unhappy or terrible, brought about by destiny or fate: He met his doom bravely. 7.

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