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The family doctor who failed to recognise the signs had already been suspended by the GMC four years before, due to his falling below the minimum standard to the extent that he was exposing patients to risk. Before this doctor’s suspension and subsequent departure from practice, the father would bring his daughters with the complications from their nineteen pregnancies and other injuries to him if they needed to see a doctor, even when they moved out of the area. The County Council’s director of children’s services said treatment of such cases was now handled differently from when the childhood abuse occurred.

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Now think about that happening every ex dividend date over and over again. If the prices stayed the same for the next three months then on the next ex div date, the NAV would be $14.40 and the market price would be $12.90. And the discount would then be 10.42%.

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Live crafting their game and getting better is good for all basketball game fans.trappersdelight 10 points submitted 9 days agohe wanted the AI to manipulate Caleb into helping her escape. That was his whole plan, but he didn’t anticipate that Caleb would execute his plan a day early, letting the AI out.when he showed Caleb that he knew of Caleb and Ava’s plan, he explained that THAT was all part of his own plan. He wanted Ava to use manipulation, sexuality, and other complex human things in order to use Caleb to sure, he’s the bad guy but he wasn’t planning on hurting Caleb.

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If your submission is a number post

You can just be like “dude, you playing a game?” and post /r/HailCorporate. You just can doubt you even work for corporate given how against them you are. You live in a cardboard box, typing on your CrapBook Pro, feeling good about yourself because you think you just “called someone else out” for being a corporate shrill..

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beach dresses Unfortunately, your post has been removed for the following reason:Rule 1) This is a banned topic, including, but not limited to: number posts, violence, off topic content, compilation videos, and improper compilation albums. Please read rule 1 in the sidebar for a list of all the topics in question. If your submission is a number post, please consider submitting it to /r/OddlySatisPi_ing.If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the moderators[M] [score hidden] submitted 4 days agoHi Spudzzy03, thank you for posting on /r/oddlysatisfying. beach dresses

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